Crooked Men and Encouraging Hope

4:11PM, Monday, July 16, 2007

I got contacted today by a company whose reputation is. . . well, let’s say “less than stellar” among serious IT professionals. The guy on the phone sounded like he was in a busy call center in India and pretty much ran through a sales script (he even repeated a couple of the selling points throughout our conversation). He made some pretty grand promises of things like repayment for their training, guaranteed hire, Wall Street client companies, starting salary of $55-60k with guaranteed increases of 10% every 6 months, medical/dental insurance, etc. All in all, it sounded to good to be true.

He said they want $1500 for their training and that it would be over 5 weeks in New Jersey. He kept trying to pressure me into committing to leaving this weekend to start their training and to commit to paying the $1500. When I insisted that I needed time to think over such a significant monetary and time investment (and a change in career track), he kept giving me the impression that I had to act now or forever lose this opportunity. And then it made sense: he wasn’t interested in seeing if I was a good fit for a job, he was trying to sell me something. He didn’t ask questions that were pertinent to my ability to learn or my technical background. All he seemed to be interested in was knowing how soon I could fork over a boatload of cash.

A quick Google search is all it took to confirm my suspicions. From the reviews, I gathered that HD Dimension is a disreputable company, clearly targeting Chinese and Indian immigrants with promises of H1B visas, green cards, exceptional salaries, and training. I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of going any further in the process with these people.

In better news however, I talked with one of the recruiting agencies I’m interviewing through and while there have been additional delays in the interview and hiring process, I am still one of the top candidates for the position I interviewed for on the 15th of June. So while it’s been several weeks since I heard anything directly from them, the hope for that exciting opportunity is still very much alive. If this is the right job and the right time, then I have nothing to worry about. Things will work out in time.