More Internets Please

This week I purchased three top level domains:, .net, and .org. For now I’ve got them pointed here. I think I’ll be hosting the blog, mail, DNS and other things myself very shortly though. I haven’t run into too many bumps getting 64-bit Ubuntu Linux installed and working. Cedega gave me a little trouble at first, not wanting to work with my 64-bit graphics libraries, but a little forum searching and a single command got everything working perfectly. Here’s to the start of a new personal era of completely MS-free computing.


2 Responses to More Internets Please

  1. steve lewis says:


    Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me to reflect on the way I characterize (or don’t) my following of Jesus. I welcome the critique, really. But like I say in my blog’s bio, I follow Jesus poorly most of the time – but I do try.

    We likely hold different positions on some topics you’re interested in, but I trust we can sharpen each other.


  2. Bill says:


    If we are to be honest, then we are in quite a large company with those before and beside who were and are poor Christians. When Christ comes, if we have trusted in His blood as the propitiation for our sins and not our own strength, then those things which He has commanded and we have obeyed will be spoken of by us in this manner: we are unworthy servants. We have only done as we ought.

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