IHOPping Around

I had a chance last night to go to IHOP Cleveland. I went with an open mind, willing to be convinced that this place was not founded on faulty hermeneutic (among other things) and that it is not a place where Christian-sounding false teaching abounds. After even a cursory examination of their materials, my convictions were reinforced rather than changed.

Interestingly enough, there was a significant portion of material that had to be “smuggled” out by way of the camera on my iPhone. This was due to the fact that this material was either tacked to a wall or else prominently labeled “Do not remove from IHOP.” In respect of this request, I did not steal their printed materials. However, I think it will become plain as to why those particular things aren’t handouts when I have a chance to present to you the contents of the material I viewed while at IHOP Cleveland.

And certainly some will accuse me of being “divisive” and not working for “unity” in the Body, but such accusations are patently false. It is not those who advocate the truth and supremacy of God’s Word who are dividers, but those who come to us with fanciful new doctrines with no basis in historical, biblically-faithful Christian orthodoxy. Such men who bring these false prophecies and teachings are deceivers, leading many astray, even the elect if it is possible for them to do so. Jesus forewarned us of such men and told us to be on guard for them.

More to come later.


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