My Salvation: Assured and Secured by the Cross

Should I ever doubt my salvation, may I turn to this hymn of encouragement and assurance and meditate upon the Cross of Jesus, its purpose and effect on my being. The Cross was purposed as an atoning sacrifice for my sins because God chose to save me for His good pleasure in His sovereign election. He gave me the ability to choose to serve Him by the workings of His grace in my heart.

From whence this fear and unbelief?
Hath not the Father put to grief
His spotless Son for me?
And will the righteous Judge of men,
Condemn me for that debt of sin,
Which, Lord, was charged on Thee?

Complete atonement Thou hast made,
And to the utmost farthing paid
Whate’er Thy people owed:
Nor can His wrath on me take place,
If sheltered in Thy righteousness,
And sprinkled with Thy blood.

If Thou hast my discharge procured,
And freely in my room endured
The whole of wrath divine:
Payment God cannot twice demand,
First at my wounded Surety’s hand,
And then again at mine.

Turn then, My soul, unto thy rest;
The merits of thy great High Priest
Have bought thy liberty:
Trust in His effective blood,
Nor fear thy banishment from God,
Since Jesus died for thee.

— Augustus M. Toplady, 1772

Thank you, Christ Jesus, for becoming what you were not so that I might become what I was not. You took my sin that I might be given your righteousness. I am unworthy and ever grateful. Grant that I might serve and love you with all of my heart, mind, strength, and soul so long as you lend breath to my lungs.


One Response to My Salvation: Assured and Secured by the Cross

  1. Kate says:

    Hey you, that is an amazing hymn. That Augustus guy can really push a quill! As I read of your thankfulness to the Lord for saving you, I wondered what He saved you from, ( aside from the obvious sin and death… ) I am wondering if you wrote any blogs about your testimony, cause I would love to read it!

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