What We Desperately Need But Vehemently Deny

I know it’s nearly an hour long, but you would do well to watch the whole thing. This is the true Gospel. This is the whole Gospel. It is the Gospel which has the power to save the souls of men from the destructive end of their sins, that is death and hell. It is the only hope of salvation that you, I, or any man have.

It is not the emasculated “gospel” of Rick Warren or Rob Bell or Tony Jones or Rick Joyner or any other false teacher in the world today. Their gospel denies the utter spiritual bankruptcy of man and makes a mockery of the infinite grace of God shown toward us, sinners worthy of damnation and eternal punishment for our rebellion against the Creator. Their gospel is powerless to save men, and those who receive their gospel will not inherit eternal life save that they, by the grace of God, have their eyes opened to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed by Scripture — the Gospel that demands repentance, holiness, self-denial, and utter dependence on Christ for any who would take that name above all other names. The gospel of the emergent church and of the charismatic “prophets” is no gospel at all, and sadly many are they who enter by way of their gates and walk their paths. Do not be one of those who enter the wide gate and walk the wide path, my friend. Enter by the narrow gate and walk the narrow path. For the end of the wide is destruction. Only by the narrow way are we saved.


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